Magnoloo Twin Pack

Magnoloo - the Eco friendly descaler - keep your toilet free from limescale, guaranteed for 5 years.

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Magnoloo from Ecozone is the eco-friendly way to keep your toilet free from limescale for five years.

All you have to do is drop one Magnoloo descaler (or two in very hard water areas) into your cistern and forget it. Simple, safe and friendly to the environment - and completely chemical free.

Magnoloo can help prevent or eliminate the unsightly stains of limescale which build up in the toilet.  It uses magnetism to break down limescale - the calcium carbonate is simply flushed away.

The feet of Magnoloo allow it to sit at the bottom of the cistern and allow water to circulate around, underneath and through it.  Alternatively, you can hang Magnoloo in the cistern using wire or string through the holes provided.

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